The Salford Dragon Boat Festival

CDBF Dragon (175)

The 2017 Teams:

Career Buccaneers

Daly Dragons & the Dirty Oars

Carter's Captains

Doggy Paddlers

Dragon Me Under

Genting Casino Manchester

Flying Paddle Sinking Dragon

Kimboat - Eccles RUFC

Santander Sailors


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TalkTalk Revolution

Smasher the Devourer

The B Positives

The Paddling Paras

The FitzRoy Flotsams


Usain Boat

PHE Paddlers

Row Farah

Y Club

Career-Buccaneers Carter's-Captains Doggy-Paddlers Dragon-Me-Under Flying-Paddle-Sinking-Drago Genting-Casino-Manchester Kimboat---Eccles-RUFC PHE-Paddlers Row-Farah Rowbocops Santander-Sailors Smasher-the-Devourer TalkTalk-Revolution Team-RCFS The-B-Positives The-FitzRoy-Flotsams The-Paddling-Paras Usain-Boat Y-Club Daly-Dragons-&-the-Dirty-Oars