The Salford Dragon Boat Festival

CDBF Dragon (175)

The 2018 Teams:

ANS Group

Captain Coe’s Crew

Autosmart All Stars

DD Williamson

Dragon Me Under

Gaddum Paddlers

Fletchers Solicitors

Holyrood Nurseries

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Team TUI

The Oarsome Paras

The Derian Destroyers

Y Club Warriors

IM Sailing

Peter’s Pirates 1

ANS-Group Autosmart-All-Stars Captain-Coe’s-Crew DD-Williamson Dragon-Me-Under Fletchers-Solicitors Gaddum-Paddlers Holyrood-Nurseries IM-Sailing Peter’s-Pirates-1 Peter’s-Pirates-2 Robbo-Dingy-Rapids SHG-Rowing-for-Reuben Smasher-the-Devourer Team-RCFS Y-Club-Warriors The-Oarsome-Paras The-Derian-Destroyers Team-TUI

Robbo Dingy Rapids

Peter’s Pirates 2

SHG Rowing for Reuben

Smasher the Devourer