The Salford Dragon Boat Festival

CDBF Dragon (175)

The 2019 Teams:

1  2  Bind together

Belief is Quay

Barnaboat McBoatface

Belong Atherton Champions

Bolton Buoys & Gulls Club

EA Paddlers for PAWS-Gist

Brown Shipley

Environment Agency Peace Boat

The Paddling Paras

To the Finish Line and Beyond

Holyrood Nurseries

ISG Construction

Robbo Dingy Rapids

Oarsome Paras

Smasher the Devourer

Team TUI

The Flying Fletcherians

1--2--Bind-together Barnaboat-McBoatface Belief-is-Quay Belong-Atherton-Champions Bolton-Buoys-&-Gulls-Club Brown-Shipley EA-Paddlers-for-PAWS-Gist EA Peace Boat Holyrood-Nurseries ISG-Construction Oarsome-Paras Robbo-Dingy-Rapids Smasher-the-Devourer Team-TUI The-Flying-Fletcherians The-Paddling-Paras To the Finish Line and Beyond Results - 2019