The Salford Dragon Boat Festival

CDBF Dragon (175)


Unlike most dragon boating events where the charity has a financial risk liability if they can’t get sufficient teams to cover the event costs, the Salford Dragon Boat Festival is underwritten by the festival organiser and recovered through team entries direct.  If there is a short fall in the number of teams needed to cover costs, the losses will be born by the organiser and NOT the charities.


The Salford Dragon Boat Festival therefore offers a highly cost effective ‘no risk’ annual fund raising opportunity to all charities.  Invest time approaching companies etc. to enter teams supporting you in the next Salford Dragon Boat Festival.  The teams you get each pay their own entry fee direct via the organisers whilst all the sponsorship money collected by each team member goes to you.


Very simple … EXTREEMLY effective!  (Over £170,000 raised for charity so far from the Salford Dragon Boat Festival).

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