The Salford Dragon Boat Festival

CDBF Dragon (175)


The cost to you (the charity) is NOTHING – unless you are entering your own team, in which case the normal team entry costs apply.  The best way to get involved it to promote the event to all your corporate and community partners and get teams entering to support you.  Each team you recruit pays their own entry fee, so all you need to do is to recruit more and more teams until all the places are gone.


Interestingly, given the current economic climate at the moment, interest in the Salford Dragon Boat Festival has actually increased, as more and more companies are looking for cost effective ways to achieve the benefits of a corporate team building program in a tight budget environment.


Dragon boating, with its team building and team development ethos is very much a solution orientated activity with staff motivation, achievement and moral boosting forefront of the benefits from the day, as well as the opportunity for the company to be seen supporting charities in this difficult period.

Frequently Asked Questions